Waffletronix 2

Kiva's house in Bushwick will go down as a day to remember. Beautiful people. Beautiful music. Beautiful sunshine... and waffles for days. That jam session was off the hook!
I challenge anyone to battle Eagle on the mic and on the waffle skillz..
Thanks Adios Babylon!!!


Breath of Light said...

I want waffles!!! I also want to know how I can get up on those fly earrings yall are wearing.

Caitlin Meissner said...

Love your photos, Sarah! (Ok, ok, I admit, I was hoping to see some Golden Ladies photos up...) Bloggers, unite! Mine is a more personal account, rambling daily exploration but check mah out: http://king-poetic.livejournal.com


fly tie said...

maaaaan...those waffles look good! lovin' the pics.