Let loose!!

Party people in the place to be!!!!
Come out this FRIDAY night and get your dance on, in Brooklyn.

This spot in Dumbo, formally known as Toro, has 3 floors and 2 of which will be ours for the night. The 2nd floor will be the lounge for those of you who want to take a load off but still hear the music. Floor 3, will be where it's poppin' with Dj Dhundee, Don Cuco,
Nick Pepi and Josh Del Valle playing Afrobeat, Latin House, Baile Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Dancehall, Disco and Hip Hop.
The club will be hooking us up with some recession friendly drink specials, so dont stay home cause you broke.
Live painting by Marthalicia, Atomic, Jai, Massa and Lexi Bella.

Cover:5 dolla's.
Bring a new (wrapped or unwrapped) toy for a kid in need, and you can get in 2 for the price of 1. All of the toys will be wrapped and then donated to a shelter before Christmas by yours truly.

FRIDAY DEC 19th, 2008
#1 Front St (@ OLD FULTON ST) in DUMBO.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
10pm till 4am.



My girl has worked REALLY hard on this show, so be sure to come support!! Dhundee will be playing some of my tracks too!!
Peace and love/////////

YUME GALLERY * 925 Bergen St, bw. Franklin & Classon (C to Franklin)
13 December, 2008 8pm-12am
ON VIEW: December 13, 2008 – January 9, 2008 FREE ADMISSION

A. L. I.E.N. , Audio Aesthetics, YUME, the Brooklyn Tee Party, Shadowplastic & Lichiban present
"The Adventures of LOTUSHEART"
with a special guest appearance by cosmic lover, HARAKITI
an art exhibit by
featuring collaborations with fellow ninjas
Quan Luv * Diamond Girl * Jelsen Jargon * Mega * Pesu * Sarah White * Concep

"The Buddha Dharma is nowhere remote. It is close to us, in our hearts. Suchness is nowhere external. If not within our bodies, where can it be found?"
- Secret Key to the Heart Sutra by Kukai, Founder of Japanese Shingon Buddhism

Meet shapeshifter LOTUSHEART and become part of her journey to discover the Hidden Flower guarded carefully by the Challenger. On her magical journey, she encounters new, as well as old friends such as HARAKITI, who help her to visualize the glowing blossom of the Flower.

"This show is the fruit of numerous all-night-till-the-sun-rise painting sessions of the last two months, many of them spent with fellow artists who labored with me, kept me inspired and helped me to sharpen my vision. Taking the Japanese samurai and ninja tradition as a visual reference, I have tried to illustrate a number of spiritual concepts I have been meditating on for years and place them in a dreamlike setting of love and chivalry. I also wanted to make this solo show into an opportunity to honor my friends -my Brooklyn fam- by inviting them to be part of this fantasy heartland of lovers and secret monk-warriors that we created as we were preparing for the show." Lichiban


playing unreleased tracks of the Brooklyn fam (CONTINUE)
Nikki Ntu * Raye 6 * Rucyl * Sarah White* Dhundee * Theophilus London * Waajeed/PPP* Kon & Amir * Melo-X * Jesse Boykins III * Kiva * Print

Featuring limited edition tea-dyed LICHIBAN X SHADOWPLASTIC tees
+special guest appearance by CRAZY 88s skate crew

Supported by: A.L.I.E.N, Format Magazine , Audio Aesthetics, Shadowplastic, YUME, The Brooklyn Tee Party, Good Sex, WRONGLIPS, Fusicology, The Minority Report, Coup d'Etat BK, Old Soulz, Voodoo Ray, Sugarcuts Inc., Crazy 88s



LITTLE DRAGON leaves LPR wanting more....

Little Dragon has been one of my favorite groups since I found them by mistake on myspace. When I got word they were finally coming to NY, I was all over it. My buddy Scott too.
Once they hit the stage @ LPR, they completely blew me away. I knew they were going to be amazing, but I never imagined them to be even better live then in the recordings. Yukimi really has what it takes as an entertainer and a vocalist. The way she uses live instruments and dance to help bring us into the vortex of her music, really sets her apart. Im sorry, but most of these pop diva's can learn a few things from Yukimi. Put your panties back on and pick up a shaker.
Cant wait till they come back to NY!
Check out some flicks I took. All rights reserved -- so dont steal em.

Opening band Moisturizer below.

Pics from show @ Knitting Factory!

Had an amazing time @ the show last Sat. Thanks to any of you who came out!
Got some dope pics of Ursula Rucker's set with Wendel Partrick.
My passion for photography blended perfect with my love of music to capture some dope moments on stage. Backstage was where the party was @. Atleast for Rico and I with the free beer......
Check them out:


I'm international!!! Thanks Moni!

Hey, Im so excited to be a part if this compilation that Dj Moni put together for LUIRE Mag in Japan! It drops DEC 3rd! Check it out!

From Moni:
I take great pleasure in sharing this mixed compilation of some of my favorite hip hop and soul artists of the moment. It just so happens that most of them are also good friends, which makes the CD even more meaningful to me. I’d like to thank them for inspiring me with such great music. This CD would not be possible without the commitment of Luire, Base & Toy’s Factory, most importantly, Yoshihisa Goto and Mari Senju. Thanks to all of you and your staff. Many thanks to my family, Mami, Papi, Mau & Nene for all your love. Gratitude to my crews, Ubiquita, Friends We Love, Giant Step, Brownswood, In Joy and colleagues Gilles Peterson, Jonathan Rudnick, Maurice Bernstein, Claudia Cuseta, MdCL, Michael Adasko, Fiona Bloom, Gerard Mitchell, Jose James, Mike Vargas and a special nod to OP! Thanks to Heather Sommerfield & Johnny Vicari for making the photos happen and to Probe dms for the last minute studio session. From New York to Tokyo, to my great friends who are always there to listen, laugh and enjoy life - I love you & you know who you are!

Can’t wait to go dancing and celebrate!!

Nicolay & Kay ft. Oh No & The Luv Bugz - Tight Eyes
Probe dms ft. Sophia Lauren - Off and On Love
Hezekiah ft. Bilal - Looking Up (NeoSoul Disco Mix)
Waajeed ft. Coultrain - So Fine
Sarah White - Hiding Blind
Asen James - Know Me Well
Little Dragon - Wink
Dhundee - Season
Ovasoul7 ft. Devi Soleil - Feels Like Home
Sotu the Traveller & AĆ®scha - What’s Going On
GAEA ft. TK Wonder - Fantasy World
Erik Rico - So Much Greater
Bonus Track
Zaki Ibrahim - Grow Again

Thanks Moni and LUIRE and Toy Factory for making this happen!
Make sure to check out FRIENDS WE LOVE.....