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Show this thursday @ Joes Pub!

Come thru this Thursday to Joe's Pub and welcome me back from "maternity leave"! So excited to rock the mic and get back to business!

More info here:
"The Embassy Ensemble Presents," is an intimate concert series featuring both new and established musical guests from around the world, backed by the blazing horns and funky rhythm section of The Embassy Ensemble.


The Embassy Ensemble, Blitz the Ambassador, conrazón, and Embassy MVMT bring to Joe's Pub full body lounge, a special "Soul of Brooklyn" edition. Featuring the soulful sounds of Brooklyn-based guest artists, Sarah White, The Stuyvesants, and Len Xiang, this event promises to be a spotlight on Brooklyn's most captivating renaissance artists. Presenting, Brooklyn's Finest!


Rest in Peace but live life FULL

I understand life is short. That point comes across everyday. Seems like each year more people I know pass on to the other side. Always coming close to my inner circle, but managing to stay just outside of it enough that I can go on another day. I can say a prayer, shed a tear, and let it go. Circle of life.

But this year has been something different. It’s begun to creep in closer and faster, so the bite is getting more difficult to swallow. More difficult to understand that “everything happens for a reason”. Within the last year, my mom lost her brother, my mother-in-law lost her husband, my dad his mother (my Grandmother), my Auntie lost her son (my cousin), my close friends lost close friends, and music lost Guru and Eyedea (amongst many others).

This week both Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen and my cousin Lamont “Toni” Thomas passed young and quickly and it has left me with a mind to full of memories and questions to silence..

The thing is, I wasn’t that close to either of them but they both impacted me. My cousin Toni may have not been in my life in my most recent years, but he was a face I remember being a part of my life growing up. He was a sign and a feeling of family. A place to belong. In his face I could see the face of my Auntie, the face of my father, the face of my Grandma. I could feel the Chicago/Minneapolis connection just by looking at a picture with him in it. Made me think of those moments where I felt like I belonged with my family, as different as we all were.

Eyedea was a huge part of my musical journey. I may have not even taken freestyling or emceeing seriously if I hadn’t came across Eyedea on the mic. It may sound silly, all of the emcee’s in the world, that I felt so connected and inspired by a young St. Paul kid, but something about watching him completely destroy a mic, made it approachable. I thought if this guy could so it in Minnesota, I had to at least give it a shot. Eric Sermon, Guru, Keith Murray, my other influences at the time were on TV, Radio.. but not in my city. Not at Bon Appetit on a weekend night, fueling my adolescent flame. For us, growing up in the independent hip-hop scene in the Twin Cities, it was like family. We watched each other grow on stage and off. Id sit in a room with a pen and pad and listen to “Monster Inside” that was burned on a cassette tape, on repeat, to get inspiration from Eyedea’s lyrics and style… to write flo’s of my own. I never came close to speed, delivery or style of Eyedea, but I did get the courage to get on the mic.

If it wasn’t for Atmosphere, Kanser, Desdamona, Oddjobs, Heiruspecs, Abstract Pack, Battlecats.. I wouldn’t have found my hip-hop family. Until then, I never felt a connection so strong and loving between peers. The love for Minneapolis Hip-hop, as small scale as it may have seemed to the rest of the world, it was the life for us.

I guess the point of all of this rambling is to say thanks to Mikey, for killin’ the mic SO nice, for any time I was able to share the stage or a laugh, for that time Indigo and I came to your studio to record those funny lines for that album (as humbling as that was lol!), and for putting yourself and emotions into your lyrics. Those moments will be what I remember when I think of you. Thanks for all you did for music.

To all of my blood family and extended that have left this year and before, I know you are still with me in spirit.


I miss Minneapolis today.


Yooo! Sorry been gone for awhile! Just gave birth to my new lovechild, so expect me to be back on the blog, on the stage, and on the hustle : ). We had a fast and lovely homebirth in our Brooklyn apartment on Labor day! More on that later...
New music featuring Sarah White:

Brooklyn stand up! Phantom Lover aka Hadyn, has released some yummy music last week.. and its FREE! I love this EP (and it's not just because I have a track on it!), and recommend you grab it quick while its hot! “Mauve” EP features vocals by Jesse Boykins III, Fatima, Nicholas Ryan Gant and Sarah White (wink, wink). Look forward to hearing more about this project with remixes, etc in early 2011!
<a href="http://phantomlover.bandcamp.com/track/02-faith-ft-sarah-white">02 faith ft. sarah white by phantom lover</a>
<a href="http://phantomlover.bandcamp.com/track/03-change-show-me-how-ft-nicholas-ryan-gant">03 change (show me how) ft. nicholas ryan gant by phantom lover</a>

Get the EP HERE!!!


Help support my new music!

Sarah White's Kickstarter Plea from Sarah White on Vimeo.

PLEDGE and see more info HERE!!!!!

Hello Beautiful People! First off, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who has been so supportive and given us so much love since the beginning. We are sending love to our people from our city of Minneapolis/St Paul and to our new home in Brooklyn, and everyone worldwide! Besos!

Now, we are excited to share more and more big news of changes coming on our horizon.
Since our release of our debut EP, Hiding Blind in 2008, we have been working hard on new and more challenging music. Digging deeper into our souls and capabilities, we have been grinding away, but have been experiencing many road blocks as Independent artists. Without a label supporting you, all fees must come out of pocket, and rent and raising a child in NY can be tough as is! Wowzers. Anyways...we have finally reached the home stretch and we have not only 1, but 2 amazing projects to share with our fans, supporters and the world! READ MORE on my KICKSTARTER PAGE!


First off, I'm excited to share this tasty treat in the form of a FREE EP! FADE, was originally released on my EP Hiding Blind, and I finally get to drop the remixes! Its a really eclectic mix with sound and beats coming from Venezuela, Milwaukee, Philly, Maryland and of course the NYC. Remixes by Sonotech, J-Todd, BUSY, myself and a dope collab by Zaphyrn and Basil (aka Sir Froderick). Its FREE, so just grab it. HERE!

Secondly, we dropped C Train as a single a while back, and now have new remixes by Dj Dhundee (Sugarcuts) and Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz), so we just put in out as an EP on Bagpak Music. Artwork by our very own Lichiban. Grab it HERE:

This eclectic remix EP blends the sounds of dubstep, dancehall and drum n bass, with the sexy-sultry-soul vocals of Sarah White, to make a fusion match-made for the dancefloor. As a Minneapolis native, this Brooklyn transplant, cries out through flo and song expressing the effects of life on the hustle and the grind, and the challenge of keeping a balance. 'C Train' is a sweet collaboration of time, space, passion and raw beats. The original is produced by her partner Dj Don Cuco (Cultura Love), and then given a completely new life when remixed by 3 masters of sound, Dj Dhundee (Sugarcuts), Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz) and Heinrich Zwahlen (Basscut). Definatley one to get your heads nodding, mind expanding and hips grinding..



Cumbia Lovers: Check out Dj Don Cuco's remix of BUYEPONGO " Tiene MOTO":

BUYEPONGO "TIENE MOTO (DJ DON CUCO ~ CUMBIATRONIKA RE-MEX)" by CULTURA LOVE RECORDINGS Also be sure to check out LISTEN RECOVERY and LISTEN CLOTHING! Much love coming from the west coast.. (BUYEPONGO featured in the ad below)


Sneak Peak of Via Barcelona

Much Love to TastyKeish and SocietyHae for the love! In the words of TK:

If you're lucky enough to get an email about a private performance by Sarah White, in a secret location (Cloud) you had better go. I'm one to really get a high off of the energy in the room and by the end of the night, I was floating. Hosted by poet, Caits Meissner, Sarah White and her partner in life and music, Rico treated us to a taste of their project "Via Barcelona" on their sixth anniversary. The Minnesota native, Brooklyn transplant, world traveled Sarah White usually has her hands on soulful melange of electronic dance bass beats but the acoustic "Via Barcelona" is a window into the relationship of two unique musicians that are also lovers.

Meet Sarah White and Rico...."Via Barcelona"

Find more videos like this on SOCIETY HAE

Check the feature HERE!


listen up

Altered Natives remix of FADE.. lets see if we ever get to put this one out....




Much love to NUVANYNICE for the love!
Check out more of the Q & A HERE!!!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?: Lol! I wanted to be an Obstretrician! I wanted to be like Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show. The babies just seemed to POP out with ease… Next I wanted to be in fashion, doing production, etc.. Now, I just want to be a kid again.

What are some contributing factors that shaped the life you live now?: Always having people around the believe in me (even when Im having a moment of doubt). I feel like whatever choices I have made, even the shitty ones, I have always had great support from my real friends and family.

Any specific people that mentored or helped guide you to your current path?: My Mom and Papi. Always made me feel that I was gifted and could do anything. Zach in Minneap taught me to transform my poems into raps, which began to push my musically journey. My man, Rico. Makes me feel like a Queen and always believes in me.

Read more HERE

What motivates you?: My daughter and the love that was created to create her. Each day since has kept me on my grind and full of love.


Just wanted to send out a shout to the lovely Boyuan at Beyond Race Magazine! Check out this review of the Saturn Never Sleeps' show last week @ The Knitting Factory featuring 'yours truly'... If you missed the show, be sure to look out at Saturn Never Sleeps for pics and updates!
Check out the review HERE!

Also, shout out to OP, Suite 903 and Dj Brina Payne who featured the track off of my EP, Hiding Blind (Altered Natives Remix) on the current Suite 903 Podcast 007! Check it out HERE for free! Sponsored by Toyota Camry..
Mixed By DJ Brina Payne

1. Brittany Bosco – It Was You
2. M64 – In the Pocket
3. Vula – Rock The Boat (Soul Culture Aaliyah Revised)
4. Ayah – Do It All Again
5. DJ Center feat. Middle Child – In A Song
6. Havana – It Ain’t New
7. JimiJames – Cruise Control
8. Sarah White – Hiding Blind
9. J*DaVeY – Outta The Window
10. Nicoya – Superman


The journey begins this Thursday in Philly and then makes its way to Brooklyn, to launch the new monthly! Do not miss these events. If nothing else, come to support mama : )
I'll be on the stage on friday at the Knitting Factory as a part of the ensemble!
RAS G / live beats
AFTA 1 / live beats
RUCYL / vocaltronics
KING BRITT / electronics
PETER KIRN / live generative visuals
DAMON BENNETT / keyboard

Thursday December 10th
Painted Bride Arts Center
230 Vine St Philadelphia
$15 Doors 7pm Show 8pm

From SNS:
Saturn Never Sleeps is now proud to present our New York monthly in Brooklyn! Our live electronic ensemble this month is amazing! From Los Angeles beatmaker and dreamer, Ras G, the cosmic sonics of Afta-1, Minneapolis to Brooklyn Sarah White, Rico and boundary pusher Stef Eye, angelic siren Rucyl, keyboard wizard Damon Bennett and aural creator King Britt. Visuals by Create Digital Media’s Peter Kirn.

After the live show, we will party til 4am, playing the best in futuristic eclectronic sounds !

For more information on past Saturn Events and the movement check: http://saturnneversleeps.com/category/sns/. We are also happy to partner with MeanRed in NYC, which always stands for true quality! Lets go to Saturn.

// Get tickets

Friday, December 11, 2009 at 11:00pm
Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 4:00am
Knitting Factory Brooklyn
361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY


M.anifest is blessing us all once again with a gift that keep on giving. His newest release The Birds and the Beats is available for free to the masses.. His only request? Donate a lil' something (or a BIG something) to the "Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A).
Check me out on the intro track, Born Free and also Walk Away! Keep your ears ready for a new project with M.anifest and Myself, under the name S & M.. coming soon...
From M.anifest:
I'm happy to liberate the Full Album/Mixtape, "The Birds And The Beats," for free today Nov 20, which happens to be my born day as well. Kindly do share with your readers.


Being from the mother of all motherlands, I thought this would be a useful opportunity to promote a cause as well:
"Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A) - a nonprofit giving tools and skills for African Youth to get theirs the entrepreneurship route and not have to rely on charity. The complete rhyme
and reason of it all is at http://manifestmc.com

I work with some incredible musicians who dedicated massive amounts of time and talent to make this happen so I couldn't take full credit for this release. The download includes liner noteswhich is a first for free digital releases as far as I know. We give thanks.

Production Credits: G Mo, Budo, O-D, Katrah-Quey, 40 Winks, Dee
Vocal Features:
Krukid, Sarah White, Dodi Phy, Mandi

Check out C Train on SNS FREE Sampler!

A sampler of tracks from King Britt & Rucyl, Sarah White, Ras G, Afta-1, Stef Eye, who are performing at December’s Saturn Never Sleeps events: - December 10th in Philadelphia at Painted Bride Arts Center - December 11th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Knitting Factory. Check out more info @ SNS!


Hey, come check out this show this week if you are in Philly! Rico and I will be hitting the stage with this amazing line-up! Come thru! Saturn Never Sleeps! Continuing the journey from last month’s amazing performances by Flying Lotus and Shabazz Palaces, comes Harmonic Dissonance. This month’s soul experiment consists of a few of the best boundary jumpers. Taylor McFerrin – Beatbox and Keys Stef Eye – Electronics Sarah White – Vocals Rico – Percussion Rucyl Mills – Vocal-tronics King Britt – Beats/Samples/Monome Peter Parker – Visuals Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 7:00pm Painted Bride Arts Center 230 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA Check out Flying Lotus at last months performance:

Saturn Never Sleeps :: Flying Lotus :: 9/26/09 @ the Painted Bride :: Soul Superhero from Soul Superhero on Vimeo.



This week is a good week. Two new singles on the loose, and both FREE. So no excuses, just download it!
The first track, is something I've been sitting on for a while and I'm so excited to let it out into the world. Blog it, Forward it, RT it, Play it, Feel it! As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary of moving to Bed Stuy from Minneapolis, we have decided to let our buzzed about single, C TRAIN, out on the streets for FREE! In times like these, chasing the dollar and trying to find the balance between living your dream and making ends meet, is a feeling all too real for many artist. I wrote this song in a moment like this. Feeling very inspired by the music culture on our streets, Rico aka Dj Don Cuco dug deep into his spirit and chose a sound/frequency that became the root and foundation of this track. The lyrics were easy. Anyone who has to make the journey daily through the grind to make ends meet, can understand. Say word?!!!!
Best part is, LICHIBAN, the other half of WRONGLIPS (of course!) and also a long time supporter of this song, stepped in for the collabo and made the cover art for this peice as a part of her new series.. So this is all love~!
Ok, so yeah... download it HERE(ZSHARE mp3's) or HERE(Bandcamp wav files).
1. C Train (Original)-- Produced by Dj Don Cuco
2. Bed Stuy Remix -- Produced by Heinrich Zwahlen
**All mixing and mastering by Heinrich Zwahlen (Basscut)**
More on Heinrich:
Heinrich Zwahlen, multi-instrumentalist, artist engineer, swiss native and New York resident, has had a long history in electronic music and
mostly recorded under the name of 'Basscut' (Ten/Virgin}. Among his many collaborators and clients are Oliver Stumm(Touch of Class)Sam
Sever (Def Jam/Mowax),Groove Theory, SupaDJ Dimitry (Dee-lite), and longtime vocalist partner Elisa Burchett (Ultra Rec) to name a few.
Cultivating a mostly downtempo style of electro-acoustic composition he is incorporating elements ranging from minimal to dub and broken
beat. After a 4 year stay in Berlin he has recently been working at Dubspot NYC.

OK, so next, a project i've been working on for a while is finally beginning to come towards the home stretch. S & M present: LOSING MY RELIGION! Sarah White + M.anifest (Ghanaian born, Minneapolis resident). The project is of a soulful disposition, has futurefunk aspirations, and owes its foundation to african diasporic rhythms. Its sound is unraveling as a synergy between what we've both been doing musically in our solo careers: Soul, Hip-Hop, Electronica, etc. Recording has been sporadic so far. We plan on finishing the many pieces we've laid down and present an EP later this year.
So grab that HERE(ZSHARE) and pass it around!


Come Fall..

Check out the new track on my page, produced by Dj Dhundee!
Holla with a comment!
Big things in 09!click the photo to get there.^^^

click the photo to get there.



Hey all! I have a gig on Monday @ Tillman's and I am VERY excited to rock it again with DARU, KIVA and DON CUCO. DJ OP will be rocking the turntables, so it will no doubt be on and crackin. Its an early night so no excuses. We on @ 8:30.

165 W. 26th St
(between 6th & 7th)


Let loose!!

Party people in the place to be!!!!
Come out this FRIDAY night and get your dance on, in Brooklyn.

This spot in Dumbo, formally known as Toro, has 3 floors and 2 of which will be ours for the night. The 2nd floor will be the lounge for those of you who want to take a load off but still hear the music. Floor 3, will be where it's poppin' with Dj Dhundee, Don Cuco,
Nick Pepi and Josh Del Valle playing Afrobeat, Latin House, Baile Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Dancehall, Disco and Hip Hop.
The club will be hooking us up with some recession friendly drink specials, so dont stay home cause you broke.
Live painting by Marthalicia, Atomic, Jai, Massa and Lexi Bella.

Cover:5 dolla's.
Bring a new (wrapped or unwrapped) toy for a kid in need, and you can get in 2 for the price of 1. All of the toys will be wrapped and then donated to a shelter before Christmas by yours truly.

FRIDAY DEC 19th, 2008
#1 Front St (@ OLD FULTON ST) in DUMBO.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
10pm till 4am.



My girl has worked REALLY hard on this show, so be sure to come support!! Dhundee will be playing some of my tracks too!!
Peace and love/////////

YUME GALLERY * 925 Bergen St, bw. Franklin & Classon (C to Franklin)
13 December, 2008 8pm-12am
ON VIEW: December 13, 2008 – January 9, 2008 FREE ADMISSION

A. L. I.E.N. , Audio Aesthetics, YUME, the Brooklyn Tee Party, Shadowplastic & Lichiban present
"The Adventures of LOTUSHEART"
with a special guest appearance by cosmic lover, HARAKITI
an art exhibit by
featuring collaborations with fellow ninjas
Quan Luv * Diamond Girl * Jelsen Jargon * Mega * Pesu * Sarah White * Concep

"The Buddha Dharma is nowhere remote. It is close to us, in our hearts. Suchness is nowhere external. If not within our bodies, where can it be found?"
- Secret Key to the Heart Sutra by Kukai, Founder of Japanese Shingon Buddhism

Meet shapeshifter LOTUSHEART and become part of her journey to discover the Hidden Flower guarded carefully by the Challenger. On her magical journey, she encounters new, as well as old friends such as HARAKITI, who help her to visualize the glowing blossom of the Flower.

"This show is the fruit of numerous all-night-till-the-sun-rise painting sessions of the last two months, many of them spent with fellow artists who labored with me, kept me inspired and helped me to sharpen my vision. Taking the Japanese samurai and ninja tradition as a visual reference, I have tried to illustrate a number of spiritual concepts I have been meditating on for years and place them in a dreamlike setting of love and chivalry. I also wanted to make this solo show into an opportunity to honor my friends -my Brooklyn fam- by inviting them to be part of this fantasy heartland of lovers and secret monk-warriors that we created as we were preparing for the show." Lichiban


playing unreleased tracks of the Brooklyn fam (CONTINUE)
Nikki Ntu * Raye 6 * Rucyl * Sarah White* Dhundee * Theophilus London * Waajeed/PPP* Kon & Amir * Melo-X * Jesse Boykins III * Kiva * Print

Featuring limited edition tea-dyed LICHIBAN X SHADOWPLASTIC tees
+special guest appearance by CRAZY 88s skate crew

Supported by: A.L.I.E.N, Format Magazine , Audio Aesthetics, Shadowplastic, YUME, The Brooklyn Tee Party, Good Sex, WRONGLIPS, Fusicology, The Minority Report, Coup d'Etat BK, Old Soulz, Voodoo Ray, Sugarcuts Inc., Crazy 88s



LITTLE DRAGON leaves LPR wanting more....

Little Dragon has been one of my favorite groups since I found them by mistake on myspace. When I got word they were finally coming to NY, I was all over it. My buddy Scott too.
Once they hit the stage @ LPR, they completely blew me away. I knew they were going to be amazing, but I never imagined them to be even better live then in the recordings. Yukimi really has what it takes as an entertainer and a vocalist. The way she uses live instruments and dance to help bring us into the vortex of her music, really sets her apart. Im sorry, but most of these pop diva's can learn a few things from Yukimi. Put your panties back on and pick up a shaker.
Cant wait till they come back to NY!
Check out some flicks I took. All rights reserved -- so dont steal em.

Opening band Moisturizer below.

Pics from show @ Knitting Factory!

Had an amazing time @ the show last Sat. Thanks to any of you who came out!
Got some dope pics of Ursula Rucker's set with Wendel Partrick.
My passion for photography blended perfect with my love of music to capture some dope moments on stage. Backstage was where the party was @. Atleast for Rico and I with the free beer......
Check them out:


I'm international!!! Thanks Moni!

Hey, Im so excited to be a part if this compilation that Dj Moni put together for LUIRE Mag in Japan! It drops DEC 3rd! Check it out!

From Moni:
I take great pleasure in sharing this mixed compilation of some of my favorite hip hop and soul artists of the moment. It just so happens that most of them are also good friends, which makes the CD even more meaningful to me. I’d like to thank them for inspiring me with such great music. This CD would not be possible without the commitment of Luire, Base & Toy’s Factory, most importantly, Yoshihisa Goto and Mari Senju. Thanks to all of you and your staff. Many thanks to my family, Mami, Papi, Mau & Nene for all your love. Gratitude to my crews, Ubiquita, Friends We Love, Giant Step, Brownswood, In Joy and colleagues Gilles Peterson, Jonathan Rudnick, Maurice Bernstein, Claudia Cuseta, MdCL, Michael Adasko, Fiona Bloom, Gerard Mitchell, Jose James, Mike Vargas and a special nod to OP! Thanks to Heather Sommerfield & Johnny Vicari for making the photos happen and to Probe dms for the last minute studio session. From New York to Tokyo, to my great friends who are always there to listen, laugh and enjoy life - I love you & you know who you are!

Can’t wait to go dancing and celebrate!!

Nicolay & Kay ft. Oh No & The Luv Bugz - Tight Eyes
Probe dms ft. Sophia Lauren - Off and On Love
Hezekiah ft. Bilal - Looking Up (NeoSoul Disco Mix)
Waajeed ft. Coultrain - So Fine
Sarah White - Hiding Blind
Asen James - Know Me Well
Little Dragon - Wink
Dhundee - Season
Ovasoul7 ft. Devi Soleil - Feels Like Home
Sotu the Traveller & Aîscha - What’s Going On
GAEA ft. TK Wonder - Fantasy World
Erik Rico - So Much Greater
Bonus Track
Zaki Ibrahim - Grow Again

Thanks Moni and LUIRE and Toy Factory for making this happen!
Make sure to check out FRIENDS WE LOVE.....