Obama Day!

Hey, I never got to post these pics so here they are. Better late then never, right?
So first I went to vote @ this Senior Citizen spot... it was mad empty, but the energy in there was uplifting. Almost spiritual, as if we were all in on some golden secret. On the streets in Bed-Stuy there were people smiling and standing on corners with elders looking proud. It felt almost too weird..but so right...like a community!
Going to work was the hardest thing I did all day (I walked 2 miles in itchy wool pants and that sucked too...). I stay on the texts and calls to hear the updates. Customers came second.
Once I finally got off, I ran over to a bar close to work with my new friend Lolita (We met that night, drank wine and talked life) just in time to see Obama take the stage. What a beautiful day it was!
From there, it was an all night celebration! Bob Marley, organic beer and good peoples...


FREEBIE in the name of Goodbye!

I wrote this song long before the elections...actually I think I wrote this right after Hurricane Katrina. Sittin in the house watching BUSH on the T.V. screen, thinking of a way I could personally take over the white house. I decided to take out my frustration on this track by Dj Don Cuco.. Only wish I would have got it out before we elected Obama. I dont want people to get it twisted by the lyrics..
Im giving this one out for now as a freebie so get it here (press download button on the player)..

Say Goodbye BUSH!

Why I love G & D

So, just some background. I have been trying to find a way into the RBMA now for 3 years. Two years I missed the deadline, the other year I was rejected... yes. Everyone loves a good rejection letter now and then. 2009 will be my year. Im getting in. Putting it out there in faith. Anyways, I was on the site looking for inspiration and being jealous of all of the past attendees, when I stumbled across a lecture by Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. It is over an hour long, but if you have the time, some back to it and really listen. I know alot of people thought they were crazy and off topic, but I loved every minute of it. We need more people like this on the planet. Its all love! Show some! G & D

Took this from the site: "There's the next level and there's the level after that. Then, squinting down on both those levels through binoculars from some unfathomable point miles above, there is Georgia Anne Muldrow. Her first album Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth (Stones Throw, 2006) sounds like a classic soul record melted over a Salvador Dali tree branch. It's like she got her Roland TR-808 really high before starting to compose each and every song on the strange fruit salad of hip hop blues. Now combine the artist's beautifully ragged, sometimes Dilla-esque production sense with smart, surreal poetics and what you get is not just the freshest voice to emerge in the last decade of soul music."

Im wet.

yeah, so I posted this on WRONGLIPS, but here it is again... Check it!



I love my man, but seriously... I have to tip my hat to Bob. Ladies, enjoy...


If you missed it!!!

Hey, check out this clip from our show last week. It was off the chain! Before I moved to NY I ALWAYS played with a full band. Never over a track. Once I moved to NY I had to start all over and improvise, but damn, it feels good to be back in business. I had an amazing group of musicians and this performance, and it was such a blessing! Kiva on 88 keys, Rico on the guitar and Daru on the drums.. Like butta!


Tonight!!! SOUTHPAW------

Come see me with a live band today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daru on Drums (Slum village), Kiva on Keys (Adios Babylon) and of course my Dj Don Cuco on the Guitar. Soooooo excited. I have tons to post, and Ill get on it later in the week. xoxoxoxox

Hustle Mode & We Fancy: Boy Meets Girl 4
Tuesday November 11, 2008 8:00 pm EST
And so the story continues on 11.11.08. If you missed the last one, you will surely not want to miss this one.This time around HustleMode has teamed up with the fabulous ladies of We Fancy to bring you yet another ridiculous night of live music. Buy your tickets early this one is going to be BIG.

Tuesday,November 11th 2008 @ 8pm

The Good People at HustleMode & We Fancy Present:

When Boy Meets Girl IV

Featuring live performances by:

Violent Sex http://www.myspace.com/violentsexband

MEGABONE http://www.myspace.com/megabone

TK WONDER w/Taylor Mcferrin http://www.myspace.com/tkwonder

Sarah White http://www.myspace.com/sarahwhitesol with DARU, KIVA and DON CUCO!

Mr Mecca http://www.myspace.com/mrmecca

M.ISLAND http://www.myspace.com/misland

THEO http://www.myspace.com/imjusttheo

Trezure http://www.myspace.com/losttrezure

Brokn.Englsh http://www.myspace.com/broknenglsh

and more

soundtrack by Brina Payne

Hosted by BLI$$, Magnetic PU$ci, & $hannon $imone

125 5th ave Park Slope BROOKLYN NYC
$10 in advance or on the guestlist $15 general admission