Obama Day!

Hey, I never got to post these pics so here they are. Better late then never, right?
So first I went to vote @ this Senior Citizen spot... it was mad empty, but the energy in there was uplifting. Almost spiritual, as if we were all in on some golden secret. On the streets in Bed-Stuy there were people smiling and standing on corners with elders looking proud. It felt almost too weird..but so right...like a community!
Going to work was the hardest thing I did all day (I walked 2 miles in itchy wool pants and that sucked too...). I stay on the texts and calls to hear the updates. Customers came second.
Once I finally got off, I ran over to a bar close to work with my new friend Lolita (We met that night, drank wine and talked life) just in time to see Obama take the stage. What a beautiful day it was!
From there, it was an all night celebration! Bob Marley, organic beer and good peoples...

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