Yooo! Sorry been gone for awhile! Just gave birth to my new lovechild, so expect me to be back on the blog, on the stage, and on the hustle : ). We had a fast and lovely homebirth in our Brooklyn apartment on Labor day! More on that later...
New music featuring Sarah White:

Brooklyn stand up! Phantom Lover aka Hadyn, has released some yummy music last week.. and its FREE! I love this EP (and it's not just because I have a track on it!), and recommend you grab it quick while its hot! “Mauve” EP features vocals by Jesse Boykins III, Fatima, Nicholas Ryan Gant and Sarah White (wink, wink). Look forward to hearing more about this project with remixes, etc in early 2011!
<a href="http://phantomlover.bandcamp.com/track/02-faith-ft-sarah-white">02 faith ft. sarah white by phantom lover</a>
<a href="http://phantomlover.bandcamp.com/track/03-change-show-me-how-ft-nicholas-ryan-gant">03 change (show me how) ft. nicholas ryan gant by phantom lover</a>

Get the EP HERE!!!

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