OBAMA or else!!!!!!

VOTE>VOTE>VOTE> --------------------------------- Its just a matter of days now until the election, and I find myself a bit nervous. Excited, but nervous. What a huge job the next president is going to have with all of the mess BUSH has left us. Are you serious? How does he even sleep at night?! Bush is obviously an idiot, but to think there are so many in this country that still love and support him, makes me sick to my stomach. God bless America. Well, yesterday I was thinking about the moment I really fell in love with Obama. I had missed his speech, but I was working @ TRACE and Dallas Austin (I was interviewing him for the Peace issue) told me to check out the video Will.iam made. It was the first time in my life that I ever felt all warm and fuzzy about the U.S.A. I had to go into the bathroom to hide my tears, and I found myself confused about my feelings. What was it ? Hope. EVERYONE be sure to vote. If you dont care about your country, do it for the kids of the future. They have to suffer from all of our mistakes. These are some of my favorites............

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jon jon said...

yo....can you even believe it?, yups!

Black Prez!